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Oliver Frietsch
Westpreu├čenstr. 16
53119 Bonn, Germany
mail362 (at)
To La Pared's Beach, Fuerteventura, May 2012
Last Update: July 2012

Hobby has presented my hobby software projects for more than ten years until 2008. It was great fun to code in Delphi, but nowadays I don't have any more time for private projects...
So, if you're really still looking for my old software, feel free to download the most popular selection here. However, please don't expect any further support, documentation or updates.
ReOrganize! 2.3.1
QuickLaunch 2.3


Also in 2008, I received my diploma in computer science at the University of Bonn. My focuses were software engineering and distributed systems.
Diploma Thesis, Presentation (Both in German)


Currently, I'm working on interesting, web-related projects for OrbiTeam Software.
We mostly use Python/Django, JavaScript/Dojo/jQuery (Mobile) und of course HTML/CSS.